Amman Development Corridor

Amman Development Corridor Phase I Sec II

Project Name : Amman Development Corridor Phase I Sec II
Client : Ministry Of Public Works And Housing/China Chongqing International Construction Company (CICO)
End Date : 2012
Project Value : 47 000 000 JD
Scope :
Highway construction of 13.4 km dual carriageway 27 m wide with a New Jersey concrete barriers median and 32 km 12m wide service roads.
The project includes climbing lanes, 16 km of service roads, post-tension re-enforced concrete underpasses, box culverts, box girder via duct ( 300 l.m), major interchanges via duct (250 l.m), traffic control devices, telecom works, street lighting, drainage and protection works, pavement marking for traffic and highway signing.
Bulk quantities: 4 million cu m earth works, 270,000 cu m base course, 200,000 tons asphalt, 35,000 cu m concrete works, 5,000 tons steel re-bar, 170 tons pre-stressing strands.