Moevenpick Hotel At Tala Bay

Name :
Moevenpick Hotel At Tala Bay
Client : Zara For Hotels And Tourism Co.
End Date : 2008
Project : 10 000 000 JD
Scope :
Construction of a five star 450 key beach hotel located at Tala Bay Marina Town in Aqaba, Jordan.
The project includes the civil works, external infrastructure and landscaping works.
Bulk quantities: 40,000 cu m concrete and 4,000 tons of steel re-bar.


Military Head Quarter Central Region

Project Name :
Military Head Quarter Central Region.
Client : Jordanian Armed Forces
End date : 2009
Project Value : 10 000 000 JD
Scope :
Design and construction of 4 buildings consisting of 20,000 sq m built up area to serve as the regional headquarters for the Central District for the Jordanian Armed Forces on a fast track basis with turn-key from design to finish in 10 months.
Bulk Quantities: 13,000 cu m concrete and Post Tension Strands 2,500 ton.


Extension And Construction Of Aprons In (QAIA)

Project Name :
Extension And Construction Of Aprons In (QAIA)
Client : J & P Ltd.
End Date : 2010
Project Value : 7 500 000 JD
Scope :
Extension and construction of re-enforced slabs of 50 cm as aprons at the new Queen Alia International Airport project.

Amman Development Corridor

Amman Development Corridor Phase I Sec II

Project Name : Amman Development Corridor Phase I Sec II
Client : Ministry Of Public Works And Housing/China Chongqing International Construction Company (CICO)
End Date : 2012
Project Value : 47 000 000 JD
Scope :
Highway construction of 13.4 km dual carriageway 27 m wide with a New Jersey concrete barriers median and 32 km 12m wide service roads.
The project includes climbing lanes, 16 km of service roads, post-tension re-enforced concrete underpasses, box culverts, box girder via duct ( 300 l.m), major interchanges via duct (250 l.m), traffic control devices, telecom works, street lighting, drainage and protection works, pavement marking for traffic and highway signing.
Bulk quantities: 4 million cu m earth works, 270,000 cu m base course, 200,000 tons asphalt, 35,000 cu m concrete works, 5,000 tons steel re-bar, 170 tons pre-stressing strands.


International Academy- Amman

Project Name : International Academy- Amman
Client : International Academy- Amman
End Date : 2012
Project Value : 10 000 000 JD
Scope :

  • 6 buildings, total area 25000 m2,
  • Secondary school, of area 7000 m2,
  • Primary school, of area 7000 m2
  • Cafeteria, area of 6000 m2
  • Administration, area of 2700 m2
  • Nursery, area of 2000 m2
  • Prayer Halls, area of 300 m2.
  • Athletic complex including outdoor track and indoor pool.

Finishing Works, Electromechanical Works, Infrastructure, Civil Works, Stone Cladding and Hard Landscape.


Arab Bank- Aqaba Branch.

Project Name :
Arab Bank- Aqaba Branch.
Client : Arab Bank PLC
End Date : 2011
Project Value : 11 499 586 JD
Scope :
Construction of a commercial property of 12,078 sq m consisting of 4 basements and 6 floors above ground. Project works include earthworks, concrete civil works, aluminium cladding, full MEP works and interior finishings.
Bulk quantities include 12,000 cu m of concrete and 1,000 tons of steel re-bar.


Disi- Mudawarra to Amman Water Conveyance

Project Name :
Disi- Mudawarra to Amman Water Conveyance
System Project ( from Madaba Bridge Pump Station to Naour Interchange)
Client : Disi Water Company/ Gama Power Systems Engineering and Contracting Inc.
End Date : 2012
Contract Value : 3 000 000 JD
Construction of main water conveyance steel pipe line (1448mm diameter) extending for a distance of 3.5km including:

  • All related earthworks & excavation.
  • Pipe stringing, pipe installation, pipe welding, pipe laying, pipe
  • coating, pipe lining, non-destructive examination.
  • Major valve installations.
  • Fiber optic cable installation.
  • Construction of valve chambers.
  • Hydrotesting.
  • Road crossings .
  • Back filling & surface restoration.
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St. Regis Amman Hotel & Residences

Project Name :
St. Regis Amman Hotel & Residences
Client : Al Maabar Abdoun Real Estate Development
End Date : 2012
Project Value : 1 729 603 JD

  1. Excavation works: 250,000 m3
  2. Shoring system:
    1. Shoring System, from 3m depth to 12m.
    2. Hoarding works: 700m.
Abdali and Boulevard

The Abdali Boulevard

Project Name : The Abdali Boulevard
Client : Abdali Development and Investment Co
End Date : 2013
Project Value : 121 000 000 JD
Scope :
The excavation for the structure (500,000 cu m).
The construction of 240,000 sq m of mixed use buildings consisting of 5 basements with an area of 105,000 sq m and 12 buildings of 8 stories average height with a total superstructure area of 135,000 sq m.
Approximately 10,000 sq m of retail space, 40,000 sq m of office space and 80,000 sq m of hotel apartments.
Bulk quantities: 120,000 cu m concrete, 20,000 tons steel re-bar, 21,000 sq m stone cladding, MEP works include : power cables, generators, low current systems Including fire and security, sub stations, panel boards and switches, mccs, transformers, lighting, galvanized steel pipes, FM 200, cast iron pipes, black steel pipes, upvc pipes, valves.


Upgrade of Municipal Waste Water Network for Mu’ta / Karak

Project Name :
Contract No. (75/2009) Upgrade of Municipal Waste Water Network for Mu’ta / Karak
Client : Ministry of Water and Irrigation
End Date : 2013
Project Value : 11 000 000 JD
Supply and installation of 86 km sewer networks of concrete and ductile iron pipes of 150-600 mm dia.
Supply and install ductile iron force main of 400mm dia. including all valves and fittings.
Design and construction of a waste water lifting station for the Mu’ta area including pumps, distribution boards, and all related civil and MEP works.