Disi- Mudawarra to Amman Water Conveyance

Project Name :
Disi- Mudawarra to Amman Water Conveyance
System Project ( from Madaba Bridge Pump Station to Naour Interchange)
Client : Disi Water Company/ Gama Power Systems Engineering and Contracting Inc.
End Date : 2012
Contract Value : 3 000 000 JD
Construction of main water conveyance steel pipe line (1448mm diameter) extending for a distance of 3.5km including:

  • All related earthworks & excavation.
  • Pipe stringing, pipe installation, pipe welding, pipe laying, pipe
  • coating, pipe lining, non-destructive examination.
  • Major valve installations.
  • Fiber optic cable installation.
  • Construction of valve chambers.
  • Hydrotesting.
  • Road crossings .
  • Back filling & surface restoration.