Since its foundation, Masar United has developed and implemented key quality management policies and procedures that have enabled it to become one of the leading contracting companies in the region. Based on documentation and systems adopted, the management is able to follow up, monitor and respond in a pro-active approach to all its customer needs, which has enabled itself to continuously evolve to adapt according to market needs and maintain its competitive edge. By focusing on quality first, and through transparent management based on proper corporate ethics, Masar United is committed beyond its contrac- tual agreements to develop and foster long-term business relationships with all its clients while gaining trust from the public and private sector as the leading contractor of choice.
Furthermore, the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System is used to further enhance the managements policies, and with its periodical audits, is used as a tool to monitor the continuous assurance and improvement of Masar United’s management system.

Our Mission:

To be a company which delivers its projects on time and executes them with outstanding quality that will exceed our client’s expectations. To continuously play a positive role and contribute to the local economy in which we operate in.

Our Principles:

Masar United is committed to further enhancing its position in the industry while maintaining its core values and work ethics by implementing and adhering to the following principles;

  1. To continuously invest in the training and development of our employees.
  2. To adhere to our core principles and philosophy at all times.
  3. To adopt constructive measures towards our clients, customers and partners in order to foster long term relationships that go beyond our contractual agreements.
  4. To continuously seek to innovate and evolve as a company to maintain our competitive edge in the market.
  5. To continuously improve the quality management system.