Abdali and Boulevard

The Abdali Boulevard

Project Name : The Abdali Boulevard
Client : Abdali Development and Investment Co
End Date : 2013
Project Value : 121 000 000 JD
Scope :
The excavation for the structure (500,000 cu m).
The construction of 240,000 sq m of mixed use buildings consisting of 5 basements with an area of 105,000 sq m and 12 buildings of 8 stories average height with a total superstructure area of 135,000 sq m.
Approximately 10,000 sq m of retail space, 40,000 sq m of office space and 80,000 sq m of hotel apartments.
Bulk quantities: 120,000 cu m concrete, 20,000 tons steel re-bar, 21,000 sq m stone cladding, MEP works include : power cables, generators, low current systems Including fire and security, sub stations, panel boards and switches, mccs, transformers, lighting, galvanized steel pipes, FM 200, cast iron pipes, black steel pipes, upvc pipes, valves.